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Sports ,Wellness & Holistic Nutrition

We are " The Sports Nutrition and Diet  E- clinic ". 

Kosha , is a conceptualization of Ms.Pritam Pandhare who is a Qualified Nutritionist.

The main objective of Kosha is to promote healing through nutrition and Holistic fitness.

We at Kosha provide our patients /athletes /fitness freaks clients  highly customisable , bio-individualized nutrition plans which are based on scientific , holistic and realistic approach.

We provide nutrition programs for sports therapeutic and lifestyle management.

We are pioneers in weight loss , weight management and women's health nutrition plans as well.

At Kosha, we help you in achieving your health quotient for your happier present and future as we profoundly believe that your goals are our targets.

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About Ms.Pritam

Sports & Preventive Nutritionist

Located in Mumbai , Ms.Pritam is a professional Nutritionist & Founder of Kosha who specializes in sports nutrition, diet therapy and dietary education.

She carefully evaluates each patient or athlete and formulates a personalized nutrition plan based on their specific needs and health targets.

She personally believes that the right nutrition work wonders in recovering from any disease in patients or muscle repair , refueling or delaying fatigue in athletes.

Her own personal journey with health has taught her to approach others health holistically. She very well knows the dilemma to be on the other side of the table. So using her academic, personal and case related experiences with health she is all set to help you with your health journey with a positive and a calm approach.

She strongly believes in a cohesive approach of lifestyle modification keeping nutrition on the top priority followed by physical activity, supplementation & stress management wherever needed.

Her nutrition plans are based on wholesome foods focusing on the real foods and works with in the sensible approach where she brings together the best of the desi meals and nutrition science.

Starting your health journey under her guidance will not only help you achieve your health goals but will also make you learn the dietary aspects like healthy eating habits and looking food in a completely new avatar rather than fearing it .

So jump start your nutrition program today with our experienced , qualified & responsible Nutritionist , Ms.Pritam.

She is highly qualified nutritionist practicing from almost 5 years with the credentials as below. 

Education : 

She has acquired her M.Sc in Sports Nutrition from University of Mumbai, Nirmala Niketan College of Home Science.

She has also acquired her Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics from, Symbiosis, Centre of Healthcare.

She has done her B.Sc. in Life Sciences (Major) from Sophia College,  University of Mumbai where she studied hardcore subjects like Human Physiology , Biochemistry , Immunology , Food microbiology and many more related to human body , nutrition and food.

She has also done a Diploma in Dietetics,Health and Nutrition from VLCC Institute accredited to City and Guilds ,UK.

She has done following Certificate Programs : 

Certificate as a Diabetes Educator (NDEP).

Certificate in completion of Internal Auditor Training in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point ( Dutch- HACCP).

Certificate Program in Medical Writing, Symbiosis, Centre for Health Care.

Certificate course in Sports Nutrition from , K11 Fitness Management Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Certificate course in Nutrigenomics.

Her Awards & Scholarships : 

Dr.K.U.Naram award in appreciation of securing 2nd rank in M.Sc. Sports Nutrition.

Certificate of Award for securing highest marks in Master of Home Science , Sports Nutrition Branch  (Sem III).

Mrs. Shasikala.C .Patel Scholarship for securing the highest marks at T.Y .BSc University examinations Life Sciences (Major).

Mrs. Margaret Rebello Sequeira Prize for securing 3rd rank in the Education for Excellence in Science Programme (EXSP) S.Y. BSc Life Sciences (Major),University of Mumbai.

Her Work Experience:

M.S intern at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute , Mumbai.

Worked as Volunteer for "Nutrition Bootcamp" for the " Mirror Girls Soccer League "organised by Indian  Dietetic Association (IDA),Mumbai Chapter in collaboration with College of Home Science, Nirmala Niketan.

Worked as Volunteer ,49th Annual National Conference of Indian Dietetic Association organised by IDA, Mumbai chapter.

Worked as Consulting Nutritionist at Dr.Shital's Medical and Dental Polyclinic for 2 years.

Worked as Intern at VLCC institute at Kandivali Centre, Mumbai.

Life Member of : 

Indian Dietetics Association

(IDA) ,Mumbai Chapter.

Association of Sports Nutrition And Fitness Sciences (ASNFS) .

She is comitted to improve her patients or athletes quality of life , so get in touch to learn more & start building a healthier lifestlye TODAY ! 

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Our Nutrition Programs

The Nutrition Programs are broadly categorised in four parts for easy understanding as to which category of program your health goals fit in.

Food should taste good, but it should also nurture your body. Kosha has been providing athletes & patients  with nutrition services that help improve their long term dietary habits & health factors.


It includes the following as mentioned below : 

A : Indepth Nutritional Assessment.

It includes anthropometric measurements , body composition, biochemical parameters, dietary history, diet recall,exercise schedule and few more essentials in order to establish your nutrition requirement.

B :  Nutrition Therapy Consultation.

Based on the above information your nutrition plan will be crafted, explained and discussed.

C: Monitoring.

We will be supporting and weaning you through your health journey through frequent follow-ups, food logs and motivation.This is a stage which needs your co-operation because you will learn a lot about how your body works with correct fuel/nutrition and also see the physiological & cognitive changes occurring due to it.

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Sports Nutrition

"Listen , the work is Behind the Scene.
Competition is the easy part.
Behind the scene is where everything is done to get to that one race that you need to run ."
~ Usain Bolt

Sports nutrition is the cutting edge strategy to  enhance one's sports performance. It is a necessity for every female athlete , male athlete, young athlete , older athlete or a vegetarian athlete. Sports Nutrition will prevent the athlete to develop nutritional deficiencies, maintain the energy levels to support the particular sport & help to recover faster. 

At Kosha, we believe in making our athletes stronger & fitter by providing correct foods at the required game or training schedule timings i.e pre , during , post game or training , hydration strategies , electrolyte replenishment etc.

Weight Management

"A Healthy outside starts from the inside."
~Robert  Urich

Healthy is not thin but being Happy !

The process of weight management often involves targeting the stress factor be it emotional or environmental or functional.

Being obese ,overweight or underweight all the above conditions need intervention and critical attention to achieve healthy life , hormonal balance & correct height to weight ratio.

 At Kosha , we believe in holistic and realistic approach in attaining the health goals of the patients.

Weight Loss Essentials
Juicy Bite

Child Nutrition

"Healthy isn't a goal , it's a way of living." ~Alison Zemanak

It is very evident that the nutritional status at one stage of life span will have influences on the health status of the later stages of the life.

 Growth and development is rapid during infancy and childhood as the nutritional requirements differ at the infancy age, at the toddler age, at the preschool age, at the school age and at the adolescent age.

Similarly , in a child athlete , the nutritional requirements are certainly more to combat growth and development plus the type of sport being played.

At Kosha , we meticulously plan the nutrition keeping the nutrient and energy dense achievability along with the creative recipes and introducing them to explore food varieties.

Lifestyle Disease Nutrition Management

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live ." ~Jim Rohn

In today's time we all deal with a lot of stress , be it related to work or managing our relationships or wanting to succeed in whatever we are doing or occupational distress like working for night shift and many more such issues.
This constant juggle of years causes stress buildup within us giving rise to chronic disease conditions.
Hypertension , Diabetes, PCOS/PCOD,
gastrointestinal distress , anemia ,  thyroid issues ,poor bone health , hair fall or dull skin are some examples of chronic lifestyle diseases disorders.
At Kosha,  we believe in fortifying you through the right nutrition and diet therapy to enhance your health , functionalities , hormonal imbalance correction and thus improving your life quotient.

Healthy Salad

At Kosha , we can help you overcome the obstacles in your life through a healthier approach to food. Find out how!

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Healthy Journey , Happy You !

Want to know what it’s like to work with Kosha? Look no further. Here you will find a variety of client reviews and feedback about their sessions with Kosha. If you want to see for yourself, do not hesitate to book your initial consultation today. Your health is in good hands when you work with Kosha.

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Pritam is an amazing nutritionist & dietetics consultant , due to her holistic approach & simple diet recipes which can be easily followed with the ingredients available at home.I have visited & consulted many dietitians and none had this approach.

Soniya Yadav 
Age : 25years
Profession: Digital Marketing Professional 
Consulted for : Weight loss & bridal diet plan

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