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Health Benefits of Sprouts !

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

The process of germination results in the formation of sprouts, called as "sprouted grains'.

In germination the whole grains are soaked overnight and the next morning drained to remove all the water. Then the whole grains are tied up in a muslin cloth fabric and hung as to remove the excess water.

It is important to sprinkle water twice or thrice in a day for the germination process. Germination takes place in one or two days.

It is observed that the germination process is slower in winters as compared to that in the summers.

Optimum amount of soaking time,moisture & warmth affects the length of the sprouts.

There is no doubt that sprouting increases and improves the nutritive value of the whole grains.

Due to sprouting , the starches and proteins present in whole grains are converted into simple forms like glucose and amino acids which are absorbed easily in the body. It is seen that the sprouting provides with more formation of essential amino acids due to protein breakdown.

There is also a reduction in trypsin inhibiting factors and phytic acid which increases protein digestibility and mineral absorption respectively in the body. Minerals like zinc, iron and calcium are absorbed readily due to sprouting as they are no more in their bound forms.

Even the Vitamin C content increases during germination by 70 to 20 mg /100g of pulses.

There is also increase in content of niacin, riboflavin folic acid , choline , biotin and Vitamin A due to sprouting. Consuming sprouts do not cause gas or flatulence as during the process of germination oligosaccharides (non-digestible complex carbohydrates) are broken down. Sprouts add a good amount of fiber and variety to one's diet.

Due to its high nutrition profile ,eating sprouts : 

  1. Helps in weight loss. 

  2. Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. 

  3. Helps in digestion .

  4. Helps in building muscles.

  5. Helps in hair growth & skin health.

Green gram , Bengal gram , dry beans & dry Peas are commonly sprouted grains.

Some classic recipes made of sprouts are sprouts missal , sprouts khichadi,sprouts tikki & sprouts raita.


Written by : Ms.Pritam Pandhare

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